Deepdeal Lock Head Gyro Esky Ek2-0704b 000855 Belt-cp Cx CPX King

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  • Lock Head Gyro Esky Ek2-0704b 000855 Belt-cp Cx CPX King

Product Description

Lock Head Gyro for Esky EK2-0704B 000855 Belt-Cp CX CPX King 2 King3 King4 K3 K4


Input signal:1.5±0.5ms
Input power: 5~6VDC
Weight: 12.5g
Size: 27 x 28.5 x 18mm

Feature Illumination:

can be used on Engine and Electric Helicopters
dual sensibility adjusting - nose locked model and standard model;
suitable for 4ch and 6ch transmitter;
with a built-in temperature equalizing electrocircuit;
to both 6CH and 4CH transmitters, the gain value can be adjusted through crust


the headlock gyro must be installed horizontally (LED faces upward)
For ESky Belt-CP and Honey Bee King 2, please make sure it is at "NOR" position
the headlock gyro (3pins) cable should connect to the channel 4 on the receiver
the tail servo should connect to the headlock gyro (black wire near the edge)
Servo Limit on the gyro about 10%
Delay Switch on the gyro about 70-80%

you can choose not to connect the single orange cable to channel 5 on the

receiver. if the gain of the headlock gyro > 50, it is in the headlocking mode. If

gain < 50, it will be in the normal mode

please tie up all the cables before fly, this is to prevent loose cables to touch the

main gear or motor

the photo shows only an example on how to mount the headlock gyro, you may choose to mount it on the main body of the helicopter.

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