iGRIP Universal miniPOD Mobile Cradle

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Product Description

IGrip miniGRIPPER cell phone holder/ cradle for IGrip mounts fits All IGrip mounts. IGrip mounts require this cell phone holder/ cradle on top of the mount to hold your cell phone rock solid. Rock Solid cell phone holder: mates with the Rock solid IGrip series of suction cup mounts. IGrip is German engineered for stable mounting of your cell phone in very visible locations such as the windshield or smooth dashboard. Stay safe!IGrip video shows just how steady it holds a video cell phone on rough snowy roads. If you want a solid mount try IGrip. 3M adhesive tape is included if you want to attach this gripping holder directly to a smooth dashboard. Fantastic IGrip warranty of 5 years repair or replacement applies. Supported Models and Categories:Alltel Wireless CDMA phone modelsApple iPAD Tablet 3G VersionApple iPAD Tablet Wi-Fi VersionApple iPhone Cell Phone AccessoriesApple iPhone 3G AccessoriesApple iPhone 3G S AccessoriesApple iPhone 4 AccessoriesApple iPOD AccessoriesApple iPOD MINI AccessoriesApple iPod NANO AccessoriesApple iPod NANO Gen 2 AccessoriesApple iPod NANO Gen 3 AccessoriesApple iPOD Shuffle AccessoriesApple iPOD Touch AccessoriesAppleAT&T WirelessAudiovox CDM100 AccessoriesAudiovox PCX1000 AccessoriesAudiovox CDM105 Series AccessoriesAudiovox CDM130/1100 Series AccessoriesUTStar PCS1400 Slice AccessoriesUTStar PCS1450/SuperSlice AccessoriesUTStar CDM180 Series AccessoriesAudiovox GS200/ GX10i Series AccessoriesAudiovox 2032/ Thera PDA AccessoriesAudiovox MVX300 AccessoriesAudiovox CDM3000 Series AccessoriesAudiovox CDM3300 Series AccessoriesAudiovox PCX3500 Series AccessoriesAudiovox PCX3600 Series AccessoriesAudiovox CDM4000 Series AccessoriesAudiovox MVX405 Series AccessoriesAudiovox MVX425/700 Series AccessoriesAudiovox MVX440 Series AccessoriesAudiovox MVX501 Series AccessoriesUTStar SMT5600 Series AccessoriesUTStar SMT5800 Series AccessoriesAudiovox MVX605 Series AccessoriesUTStar XV6800 Series AccessoriesUTStar MP6900 Series AccessoriesUTS

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